Pain in the Plenary

Richard John

For more than a decade, Richard John’s monthly columns in “Conference News” have

been the first port of call for readers around the world.

Now, for the first time, the best of those columns are available in one place.

“Since Richard John has been writing for “Conference News” his work has been entertaining, insightful and, sometimes (for some) upsetting. His remarkable insights into the UK events industry, coupled with a cutting edge sense of irony, make his articles the first point of call for many readers Richard's reach is broader than CN magazine, of course, and woe betide any peddlers of falsehoods, smoke and mirrors merchants or conference snake oil salespeople. Be afraid, be very afraid, the RJ sting is very much in the events tale.”

Paul Colston  Managing Editor, Conference News

“I immediately turn to Richards's column in Conference News to be assured of some light hearted, occasionally cynical but expertly perceived view of aspects of our wonderful industry. Never one to shy from the controversial, Richard's insights into conference content, speakers and the oddities of our world are not to miss each month.”

Samme Allen  Head of Conference & Event Sales, Twickenham Stadium

“Every month the same; witty observations, a refreshing take on relevant topics, some remarkable new perspectives, thought-provoking and memorable. Richard is spot on with his analysis and incredibly perceptive, yet always down to earth and readable.”

Charlotte Martin  Managing Director, The Savvy Consultancy

“Always fresh, insightful and cuttingly honest, Richard has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the event industry, and a breadth of perspective that make his articles a delight.”

Alan J. Elston  Frontman

Richard has spent the last 20 years proding, probing, challenging, irritating, and inspiring the Uk events industry. Often controversial, always honest, there are few people with more experience and insight into the good, the bad and the ugly of this great industry."

Alistair Turner  Director, Davies, Tanner Public Relations

"Richard always gets it spot on. The perfect blend of observation, insight, education and humour. This is a must read that I totally recommend.”

Ian Taylor  CEO, Team Spirit