When Crocodiles Cry

Richard John

18 months after the Good Friday Agreement, a bomb explodes in a populated UK city center.

Journalist Patrick Gordon’s advance warning seems to have been buried.

His life is turned upside down as he is drawn deeper into a world of cover-up and corruption.

Patrick Gordon works for a local newspaper group in the Midlands; his forte is business issues. But when a colleague suddenly collapses with a heart attack during a phone call, and begs Patrick to make a call warning of an impending explosion in the nearby City Centre, his life changes totally.

He passes on the message, but seconds later one bomb – and then another -  explodes amongst early morning shoppers, slaughtering dozens of innocent people.

Patrick is one of the first people on the scene, and his subsequent powerful reports bring home to the Public the horrors of the outrage.

But when the media claims there were no warnings were given, Patrick Gordon’s life is turned upside down.

A voracious Press are after any story, at any cost; the terrorist group responsible want Patrick to state publicly that there was a warning; and shadowy figures at the heart of government now need to make sure the truth stays hidden.

As Patrick tries to uncover the truth behind the deception, a young MI5 Officer is assigned to the case, and aims to discover the truth about the bombings.

But sometimes the truth needs to stay hidden – whatever the cost….