About us

Why Smudge Books?

Smudge Books is a partnership of Albertan writers and editors.  We love books and want to see even more stories shared with the world!  We purposefully do not seek to become a niche editor.


Our goal is to improve the publishing experience for authors.  To this end, we:

  • employ 'traditional publishing' methods of compensation (advance + royalties and royalties only); we are not a vanity printer.
  • actively reach out to writers in search of publication-quality manuscripts.
  • aim to respond to submissions within weeks, not months.

Who is Smudge Books?

Our editors and business partners include:

Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson is an educator from Lethbridge, AB.  She holds degrees in education and history from the University of Lethbridge.  Amanda's areas of specialization included historical fiction, crafts and DIY, the arts, and sales.

Dallin Mendenhall

Dallin Mendenhall is a finance professional and budding novelist in Lethbridge.  He has a background and editing interests in general fiction, linguistics, psychology, finance and business, and religion.

Joel Mendenhall

Joel Mendenhall is an Edmonton-based playwright, actor, director, and writer with Psychopomp Comedy.  He earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and is a literacy expert.  Joel's specialties are children's books, general fiction, technical and creative writing, education, and science fiction.