We are actively soliciting manuscripts at this time.  Unagented works are welcome.  We have a particular interest in publishing works in the categories shown below, however, we will consider manuscripts from a broad range of genres.

New authors and

debut novels

Fiction with wide

market appeal

Albertan and

Western Canadian


Please submit using the form below.  Be sure to take note of the following submission guidelines:


  • Manuscript formatting

    • .docx or .pdf file type

    • double-spaced

    • font size between 11 and 15 points

    • free of formatting and other errors

    • numbered pages

  • What to include

    • Manuscript as a stand-alone file

    • Letter of one page in which you introduce yourself and your work

    • Complete contact information

Submission Form

Please ensure that you choose and upload two separate files, as directed in the submission guidelines.

Max file size (Mb): 2

Max number of files: 1

Max file size (Mb): 2

Max number of files: 1